Saturday, March 16, 2013

2nd Anniversary

I wanted to recap all the books we've read since April 2011.  Thanks for participating!

J.G. Ballard - High Rise (current title; to be discussed April 14th, 2013)
Iain Banks - The Wasp Factory
Philip K. Dick - Valis
William Faulkner - The Sound and the Fury
Gertrude Stein - Three Lives
Kobo Abe - The Box Man
Andre Gide - Lafcadio's Adventures
Herman Melville - The Confidence-Man
Italo Calvino - If on a Winter's Night a Traveler
Vladimir Nabokov - Pale Fire
Andre Breton - Nadja
J.P. Donleavey - Ginger Man
Virginia Woolf - Orlando
Georges Bataille - Story of the Eye
Samuel Beckett - Watt
Richard Brautigan - Trout Fishing in America, The Pill Versus the Springhill Mine Disaster and In Watermelon Sugar
Franz Kafka - Metamorphosis & Other Stories
Raymond Queneau - Exercises in Style
Jean-Paul Sartre - Nausea
Nathaniel West - Miss Lonelyhearts and Day of the Locust
Djuna Barnes - Nightwood
Robert Walser - Jakob Von Gunten
George Orwell - Down and Out in Paris and London
Flann O'Brien - The Third Policeman

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  1. YAY for our 2 years! So many great books.