Saturday, February 11, 2012

Virginia Woolf - Orlando

Next month, Virginia Woolf's Orlando will be discussed on March 11th at 7 PM. I know nothing about it!

Begun as a "joke," Orlando is Virginia Woolf's fantastical biography of a poet who first appears as a sixteen-year-old boy at the court of Elizabeth I, and is left at the novel's end a married woman in the year 1928. Part love letter to Vita Sackville-West, part exploration of the art of biography, Orlando is one of Woolf's most popular and entertaining works. This new annotated edition will deepen readers' understanding of Woolf's brilliant creation.


  1. Greg, great choice. I read _Orlando_ a few years ago, and would love to revisit this mock biography, the experience of writing which Woolf characterized in her journal as a writer's vocation from the more "serious" novels she had written - that is, _Mrs. Dalloway_ and _To the Lighthouse_. Don't know if anyone in the group has read _Pale Fire_ by Nabokov. I haven't. Perhaps it's something we can consider for the future.

    Just finished Bataille this morning, am glad that I finally got the date of the month right, and look forward to discussing the book tonight.


    1. Vincent,
      Thanks for the discussion tonight and preview of Orlando! I'm definitely down for Nabokov, should be able to work it in after Jolee's pick for April.